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Next Meeting Agenda



6:00 PM


July 11, 2018

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of the Minutes from the June 11, 2018 regular Meeting. 
  4. Payment of Bills and Approval of Journal Entries. 
  5. Election of Board Officers for the 2018-19 School year.
    1.  No changes to the Board
  6.  Designate public places for posting public notices
    1. Motion to approve 5 designated sites for public notices to be: Post Office, the County Building, Cascade Rec. Center, the School Main Office, and the district website.
  7. Designate the Cascade School District Regular Board Meeting dates and times.  The Cascade School District #422 Regular School Board Meetings will be held on the second Wednesday after the first Monday of each month at 6:00 PM in Room 210 of Cascade School.
    1.  Motion to approve the following dates for the Regular School Board Meetings during the 2017-18 School Year to be; 7/11/18, 8/15/2018, 9/12/2018, 10/10/2018, 11/14/2018, 12/12/2018, 1/16/2019, 2/13/2019, 3/13/2019, 4/10/2019, 5/15/2019, 6/12/2019
  8.  Scheduled Delegations –
    1.  Teacher Report – none
    2. Student Report - none
    3.  Principal Report – Joni Stevenson
    4. Counselor Report – None
    5. Business Managers Report – Blake Snedaker, 
      1. Payroll for the month of June
      2. Combining accounts for upcoming year
      3. Budget Review
    6. Superintendent Report – Jeff Blaser
      1. Enrollment through June 30, 2018, attachment 8.f.1.  Current total district enrollment PK - 12 is 228.
      2.  Negotiation meeting information review.
      3. Policy Review:
        • Policy 7430 - Regarding per-diem amounts and transportation reimbursements, no change recommended. The amount paid per mile for transportation reimbursement and In-Lieu of Transportation cost will remain at $0.35 per mile, as listed in policy.
        • Policy 5430 – Amend District Contribution of insurance benefits from $507.00 to $518.00 for 2018-19 school year.
      4. Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) – As directed by IC 33-320, we will begin building a plan to engage students, parents, educators and community stake holders in building our 2028-19 CIP. We will be using ISDE Template-B to build the CIP. School CIP is required and due by Oct. 1st.
      5. District Strategic Plan – This is a 3-year strategic plan that will include reviewing and restating the district’s Mission, Vision, Guiding Principles and Goals, with Objectives and timelines.  For example, goals will encompass vital school elements such as; Student Achievement, Healthy Behaviors, Responsible Citizenship, Community Engagement, Operations and Facilities Management. (Usually 3-5 goals maximum.)
  9. Old Business – Reports / Discussion items, No Action Required.
      1. Update on Track / FB Complex
  10. New Business 1st Reading or New Discussion Items, No Action Required.
    1. 2018-19 School Lunch and Breakfast price increases.  Over the next few years we will need to continue to increase lunch prices to be in compliance.  The increase for this year is $0.40 about 21%.  See attachment 11.a., 1st Reading 
  11.  Action Agenda - Approve or Deny
    1. Approve or Deny the proposed budget for the 2018-19 School Year.
    2.  Approve or Deny the 2018-19 School Class Schedule With weekly Collaboration time.
    3. Approve or Deny the authorization of the Clerk to invest idle funds.
    4. Approve or Deny the authorization of the Superintendent as Legal Representative with approval to conduct financial business for the District. 
    5. Approve or Deny the authorization of the National School Lunch and Commodity Programs.
    6. Approve or Deny, Resolve to participate with the National School Lunch and Breakfast Program, Safe and Drug Free Schools, Consolidated Federal Programs, Titles I, II, VI, VI-B, State and Federal Surplus Property, Carl Perkins Grant, CTE and PTE Programs, and other state and feral programs that might be available.
    7. Approve or Deny the adoption of the IHSAA Rules and Regulations.
    8. Approve or Deny the authorization for the renewal of the contract with the BPA, Business Psychology Association for the 2018-19 School Year.
    9. Approve or Deny the authorization for the Clerk to destroy 5 yr. old checks and bills.
    10.  Approve or Deny the Maintenance Contract to Cascade Auto for Bus Service and inspections.
    11. Approve or Deny the bidding for Gas and Diesel for the 2018-19 School Year.
    12.  Approve or Deny the 2018-19 Cascade School District CEA Procedural Agreement edits.
    13. Approve or Deny the 2018-19 Cascade School District Salary Schedule.
    14. Approval is requested to offer contracts for the 2018-19 School Year to Certified Personnel.
    15.  Approval is requested to hire the necessary classified personnel for the 2018-19 School Year.
    16. Approval is requested to offer supplemental contracts for the 2018-19 School Year as necessary from commitments made to the Cascade School Athletic Director. 
    17. Approval is requested to change the rate of pay associated with Supplemental Contracts. 
    18.  Approve or Deny the hiring of – Crystal Kangas-Hanes teacher of after school programs, funded 100% by the 21st Century Grant.
  12.  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b) Personnel
  13. Adjourn.
  14. Next Meeting Date, Wed., August 15, 2018 6pm.

If any auxiliary aids or services are needed for individuals with disabilities, please contact (Blake Snedaker) at 630-6155 no later than three (3) working days before the meeting.