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Staff Directory

Staff Member Position email phone
Anderson, Sue 3rd Grade sue@cascadeschools.org  208.630.6057 x2170
Black, Tim Bus Driver 208.630.6057
Blood,Vicki English Teacher vicki@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2540
Burleson, Penny Math Teacher, NHS Advisor penny@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2510
Chapman, Pat Elementary Paraprofessional patc@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2130
Coy, Danny Custodian danny@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057
Davenport, Bev Counselor bev@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2252
DiLenge, Amanda 5th Grade Teacher amanda@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2220
Fanselow, Russell Tech, 11th Grade Advisor, Bus Driver russell@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2360
Futch, Bea High School Paraprofessional bea@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2320
Gerken, June Custodian june@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2188
Gordon, Cheri Secondary Paraprofessional cheri@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2320
Gregory, Candy Middle Office Mgr/Lunch Account Mgr. candy@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2200
Hailey, Raegan Elementary Paraprofessional raegan@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2180
Hinze, Chris Tech Director, Bus Driver chris@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2590
Jarvis, Linda Elementary Paraprofessional lindaj@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2130
Jedry, Cheyenne Science Teacher,  Science Olympiad, Cheer Advisor, 9th Grade Advisor cheyenne@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2430
Kennedy, Ally Secondary Paraprofessional ally@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2510
Kennedy, Conor AD, Health/PE, Bus Driver conor@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2420
Kushlan, Kerie Elementary PE Teacher kerie@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2185
Landa, Heather 6th Grade Teacher heather@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2230
Lish, Kristin Elementary Parapro kristin@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2180
Littlejohn, Eric School Resource Officer eric@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2404
Lyson, Michelle Secondary Parapro michellel@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2320
Mapp, Adam Social Studies Teacher, Coach, 12th Grade Advisor adam@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2420
McGlashen, Michelle HS Special Education Teacher michelle@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2320
Meyer, Andrea HS Science Teacher, 7th Grade Advisor andrea@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2450
Meyer, Joel Elementary Special Education Teacher joel@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2180
Morrison, Alysa Elementary Paraprofessional alysa@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2150
Munson, Melanie Math Teacher, 8th Grade Advisor melanie@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2520
Nagoda, Tamara Speech-Language Pathologist tamara@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2181
Pair, Bob Maintenance Supervisor bob@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2188
Patton, Raina 1st Grade Teacher raina@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2160
Rankin, Roni English and Drama Teacher roni@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2500
Rosen, Crystal PK/Kindergarten Teacher crystal@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2140
Sartori, Pal Superintendent pal@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2202
Schuman, Maria Vice Principal, Spanish Teacher, Librarian, Yearbook, 10th Grade Advisor maria@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2460
Scott, Anita Food Services Manager kitchen@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2610
Stevenson, Joni pK-12 Principal, Title 9 Supervisor joni@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2406
Stone, Monica 4th Grade Teacher monica@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2240
Stone, Tom Music Teacher tom@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2581
Stopa, Dalene Administrative Assistant dalene@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2400
Suggs, JoAnne Business Manager and Food Service Director joanne@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2204
Taylor, Alisha Elementary Parapro alisha@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2170
Thurston, Codi Elementary Paraprofessional codi@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057
Traue, Kim Art Teacher kim@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2560
Weirum, Michelle 2nd Grade Teacher michellew@cascadeschools.org 208.630.6057 x2110