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Rachel Sievers

Photo of Rachel Sievers

Grade Level/Classes Taught: 3rd Grade  

# of years in Education:    7 teaching, 10 including three in college teaching literacy in Boise School District      

In Cascade: 1st year teaching, 2nd year being on staff, 10th in the school (8 years as a student)

I moved to Cascade when I was 9. I was born in Burns, Oregon. I graduated high school from Cascade High in 2005 and after that I volunteered around the world for a year including: clean up after Hurricane Katrina, and teaching English in Kanpur, India. I also spent a few months traveling around Asia and exploring Thailand and Taiwan. The following fall I went to Boise State where I was lucky enough to work for AmeriCorps and teach literacy at Trail Wind Elementary School. I was invited to be a student teacher there and after graduation my husband as offered a job at Oregon Department of Forestry on the beautiful Oregon coast. I also received a job there and taught first grade for three years. While teaching first grade I got my master’s degree from Arizona State University in educational leadership. At the end of my third year as a first grade teacher there was an opportunity to teach at a school closer to where we lived so I transferred schools within my same district. I moved to Toledo Elementary School and taught second grade and the following year I became assistant principal. The next year my husband received a job opportunity in McCall and we were able to move back to this beautiful community. My favorite things to do are travel, read, write, hike, play volleyball, run, paddle board, surf (though never very well), and really anything outdoors. Travel is definitely one of my most favorite past times, two years ago we traveled to New Zealand and I finally got to realize a life long dream of going to Hobbiton. As a huge and very nerdy Lord of the Rings fan this was an amazing trip and is one my most favorite memories.

Hopes for the upcoming school year:

I am so excited for the next school year. I feel very lucky to have a job that I love and I am really thrilled to be teaching in Cascade. I have several hopes for next school year. My first hope is to create a classroom family in my room and meet the emotional needs for my students. It is important to my educational philosophy to create students who are kind, honest, and contributing citizens. This year I am partnering with H2O for Life as a springboard for that goal and to give my students are larger global perspective. Another hope for this upcoming school year is to be successful on all state testing, and exams. I measure my success as a teachers (for better or for worse) on two things. First the emotional well being of my students and secondly their performance on testing. While I still strongly believe that we over test our students, this is the world that we live in and I want my students to be successful in this and any future climate that education moves into. In order to meet the goal of being successful on testing I will be using Daily Five as a literacy structure infused with Cafe, and Wonders. In math we will use Go Math as a base infused with Daily 3 and small group instruction. Science and social studies will follow state standards but I will have a weekly guest speaker in to give a real world perspective.

Why does Mrs. Sievers teach?

Teaching students and watching them succeed despite obstacles.