Cheyenne Jedry-Science Teacher
Photo of Cheyenne Jedry

University of Idaho-Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science 2001
University of Phoenix-Master's Degrees in Secondary Education 2011
Endorsements: Biology, Earth Science, General Science

My name is Cheyenne Jedry, I am married and have two children, two horses, one dog, and three cats.  I moved to Valley County in 2014 and have been teaching sciences at Cascade Jr/Sr High since then. I’ve lived in various locations of the Northwest and am grateful to now call this area my home.  I love the outdoors, it’s a place where I can relax and find solitude. I enjoy gardening, camping, mountain biking and water sports with my family during the summers and snowboarding during the winter months.

During my high school years, I had an English teacher who had a profound impact on my life and I became motivated to follow in her footsteps.  When I began my undergraduate career in 1996 I planned to pursue a secondary teaching degree in English. In my second year of college I took an environmental science class and found a whole new area of passion which inspired me to change my degree and the world. Since then I’ve worked in the water conservation and stream research fields for various organizations in Idaho.  After beginning a family, I decided that I wanted to go back to my original plan of teaching and pursued my master’s degree in secondary education.

I teach/facilitate learning because our students are the future and I want to be part of their inspiration to think big.  

photo of earth from space

I believe students inherently want to understand the world around them. As a science teacher my goals are to facilitate the learning of science inquiry, and engage students in the idea of critical and scientific thinking. I am here to help learners develop a passion for science, Earth, and the universe in which we exist.