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Conor Kennedy

# of Years in Education: 14 (All of them in Cascade)

I was born in Grangeville, ID in 1979.  My family moved to Moscow when I was in 3 & 4th grade so my dad could get his teaching certificate.  After he graduated he got two job interviews, one in Glenns Ferry and one in Cascade. Luckily for us Cascade offered him the job as a science teacher and we moved here when I was in 5th grade.  I am a proud graduate of the class of ‘97. I attended University of Idaho, where after a few years of deciding on a career path, I chose education. I worked for the U.S.F.S. in Cascade during the summer (and two fall semesters) for 14 years as part of the trail crew or YCC.  I graduated from U of I in the spring of 2005 with a B.S. in Physical Education, minor in Psychology, and certifications in Health and Natural Sciences. That summer I was offered a job teaching science in Cascade which I took. I taught science along with my dad for the first few years before moving to primarily Health and PE.  I also drive bus, am the Athletic Director, and have coached many sports here at Cascade.

My hope is that we can inspire some of the tradition and pride that has been associated with Cascade Schools since I moved here in 5th grade.  I want everyone to realize how lucky we are to get to be part of this school and community and to make it greater than it is.

Why does Mr. Kennedy teach?

Students are my why.  I enjoy being part of their life and hopefully instilling in them some work ethic and responsibility while teaching and coaching.  I get to be involved in activities that I love and teach kids about those things.

The education of our children today is the promise of our future.

Cascade Jr./Sr. High School
Cascade, ID 83611
(208)630-6057 x2440


Graduated B.S.Physical Education
University of Idaho 2005
Certified to teach:
K-12 Physcical Education
K-12 Health
7-12 Psychology
7-12 Natural Sciences

Other Activities

Athletic Director
Varsity Boys Basketball Coach
Track Coach