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Book Information

Prentice Hall
Health: Skills for Wellness
Copywright 1997

General Class Rules

Show Respect by:
  • Following directions the first time they are given
  • Treating peers and school staff appropriately at all times
Show Responsibility by:
  • Coming to class prepared to learn and participate
  • Bringing required materials
  • Using school property only for it's intended uses
Staying on taskReminders:
  • Be in your seat before the bell rings
  • Only approved healthy snacks and drink, NO soda, candy, etc.
  • Follow all school rules

Grading System

  • Students will be graded 50% for participation points and 50% for Tests/Quizzes.
  • All homework, in-class activities, lab activities, etc. will count towards participation points
  • All tests, quizzes, pop quizzes, etc. will count towards Test points
  • Semester grades will be the average of the two quarter grades.