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Personal Fitness

Class Rules

Show Respect by:
  • Following directions the first time they are given
  • Treating peers and school staff appropriately at all timesShow Responsibility by:
  • Coming to class prepared to learn and participate
  • Using school property only for its intended uses
  • Dressing down for class

Staying on taskReminders:

  • Meet in gym for attendance.
  • You will have five minutes after tardy bell rings to be dressed and ready for attendance. If you are not ready you will be considered tardy.
  • Dress quickly and quietly before and after class
  • After class, you may not leave the gym until the bell rings
  • Keep your lockers locked at all times
  • Keep the locker room clean
  • No soda, food, candy, gum, etc.
  • No jewelry, rings, watches, etc.

Grading System

You will earn up to 5 points each day
Points will be deducted for each occurrence of the following:

  • Unexcused absence (-5)
  • Non-participation (-5)
  • Tardy (-1)
  • Insubordination(-1)Progressive
  • Failure to stay on task(-1)Progressive
  • Inappropriate behavior(-1)Progressive*Safety*-ANY 
UNSAFE behavior will result in removal from activity and loss of points.

Students will be required to perform max's in the bench press, vertical jump, pull-ups, and dips unless prior arrangements have been made
They will be given a semester and final max test and ab test for additional points.