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Hinze, Chris

Photo of Chris Hinze

Chris Hinze

BA, Geology, Carleton College, 1983
BS, Secondary Math Education, University of Wyoming, 1987

District Technology Director
Physics/Web Design Teacher

Internet Safety Links:

# of Years in Education: 31 (31 in Cascade)

I grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota, the youngest of 6 boys with a younger sister. After graduating from college, I moved west to work as a geohydrologist in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Technology had other plans for me, and I transitioned from mostly geohydrology to almost completely computer programing and database management. I had always had an idea to teach in the back of my mind and decided to earn my teaching credential with a degree in secondary math education. I enjoyed outdoor activities growing up, particularly canoeing in northern Minnesota and Ontario and cross-country skiing. My time in Wyoming deepened my love of the mountains and the abundant recreation opportunities in the public lands of the intermountain west.

After completing my math degree, I applied for a teaching position in Cascade in 1987 and loved the place immediately - mountains and water! I had met my wife Lucy while earning my teaching degree in Wyoming and we married after my first year of teaching. During the summer and fall of 1990, we cut and peeled logs to build a house, and broke ground on the 1st day of summer vacation in 1991. We moved into our house on December 31st, 1991, 9 days after Betsy, our first daughter, was born. Haley followed two years later.

We continued our active, outdoor lifestyle with lots of skiing, hiking, camping, sailing, biking, ice hockey, canoeing, paddleboarding and spring break trips - usually to camp in the canyon country of southern Utah or Sedona, Arizona to visit Lucy’s mother. We also got in a trip to visit family in Minnesota and play in the lakes almost every summer.

We are now empty nesters (except for Rosco, the resident Australian shepherd). Betsy is an artist in Boise, and Haley develops programs for android phones in San Francisco.

Hopes for the upcoming school year:

The school has a challenge in adapting to the enrollment decline of recent years. I look forward to working with Jeff, Joni and the rest of the staff and school community to find a good configuration and vision that will re-establish Cascade as one of Idaho’s premier schools. In the technology area, I feel that we are in a good place. My technology goal is to transition technology support to a more fiscally sustainable future that will preserve the good things we have and allow for continued innovation and improvement.

Why does Mr. Hinze teach?

If we the people do not have a good understanding of our world and communities and their challenges, we will make poor decisions about our governance. On a personal level, teachers have a huge responsibility and opportunity to build the confidence, knowledge and character of young people. I entered the field of education convinced that I could do a better job than my high school teachers had done. I’m not sure that I did, despite working very hard and long hours. As in my geohydrology career, I willingly transitioned from teaching into technology support because there was a need and I had an aptitude. While I don’t have as much direct impact on students as I had as a teacher, I gain satisfaction knowing that I play a supporting role by giving our excellent teachers the technology support they need to teach effectively with the benefits of technology-rich classrooms.