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You will revise some of your most basic assumptions about how things work as we investigate interactions of matter and energy. You will also gain an understanding of more complex topics, such as how flipping a switch illuminates a room, or how television sets operate. The emphasis is on understanding concepts. These concepts are supported with mathematics.

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Course Description
Physics topics are mechanics, waves, electricity and magnetism. Mechanics includes kinematics, Newtons Law's of Motion, momentum, energy, gravitation and special relativity. We start the waves unit with mechanical waves such as sound, water, springs,  and seismic waves and their properties (reflection, refraction, diffraction, and interference). We complete our study of waves with electromagnectic waves, including the e-m spectrum, color and wave/particle duality. In electricity and magnetism, we learn about static electricity and electric currents, including parallel and series circuits, magnetism and induction.

Please view the Physics Syllabus to find out about course prerequisites, grading and class rules.