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Exploratory Spanish

Course Description

Spanish for 7th and 8th grade students is a one-semester exploratory course that will introduce basic concepts, vocabulary, and culture. This course is designed to elicit interest in the language that inspires future study. The course will focus on a variety of topics including:


  • Introductions
  • Clothes
  • Spanish-Speaking Countries
  • Body Parts
  • Personal Identification
  • City and Neighborhood
  • School Setting
  • Home & Shopping
  • Family
  • Animals
  • Food
  • Cultures & Crafts

The Humanities World Languages standards focus on:

  • person-to-person communication
  • listening and reading for understanding
  • oral and written presentations
  • cultural perspectives, practices, and products
  • making connections through language
  • cultural and linguistic comparisons
  • communications across communities

Teacher Expectations

Students are expected to:
  • be on time
  • be in their seats
  • have proper school materials for note taking, etc.
  • behave appropriately
  • treat the people and the property in the classroom with respect
  • actively participate in all activities in a positive manner
  • complete all assignments and prepare for all assessments
  • not use any electronic device unless it is an academic necessity with school approval

Required Materials

  • Spanish/English dictionary
  • Spiral notebook or binder


Many of the grades will come from work done in class. Because of this, participation is very important in all activities. Students need to use their time wisely. There will be written assignments (quizzes/test) and some product assessments (skits/performances and group/individual projects). Grading is based on points for:
  • Participation in class
  • Assignments
  • Quizzes/Tests
  • Projects
Letter grades will be assigned to final percentages according to the Power School scale, as follows:
  • A: 90-100
  • B: 80-89
  • C: 70-79
  • D: 60-69
  • F: 59 and below

Absent day(s)

It is the responsibility of the student to see Sra. Schuman to promptly make up work when returning after an absence.
Caution: It is very difficult to catch up after being absent in Spanish class.
Course Standards