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English 9

English Composition and Literature 9-10

Course Goals

In addition to the goals I’ve listed below, please write one of your own. By the end of this class, I’d like you to be able to:
  1. Write a proficient essay given an expository prompt. (An example of an expository prompt: “Write an essay for your English teacher in which you identify one person who has had an influence on your life and explain how that person has influenced you.”) This goal will be assessed using the rubric on the back of this page.
  2. Achieve proficiency on the standards assessed on the reading and language ISAT. The language ISAT tests conventions such as punctuation, capitalization, and usage. It also tests sentence structure skills, vocabulary, and spelling. 
  3. Write in a variety of modes (expository, persuasive, narrative, poetic, reflective), on a variety of topics, in a biweekly writing journal in a spiral notebook. This goal will be assessed on a 10 point scale for a 3 page journal.
  4. Use roots, prefixes, and suffixes to build vocabulary skills. This goal will be assessed through short answer essay and objective quizzes.
  5. Read and comprehend books, short stories, and expository articles that you as well as the teacher select. I’d like you to be reading something for this class all the time. You’ll be asked to bring your independent reading to class within the next few days.
  6. Your learning goal –

All of these broad goals include many learning objectives, activities, and assessments. Reflecting on your own learning, assessing your own learning, and connecting to the learning are just as important as any assessment I can give you. I want you to take a moment every day to ask, “What am I learning? Why is it important?”

In general, you can use this scale in any class to keep track of your progress:
4. I did better than I though I would do when I first started.
3. I accomplished my goal.
2. I didn’t accomplish everything I want to, but I learned quite a bit.
1. I tried but didn’t really learn much.
0. I didn’t really try to accomplish my goal.

The writing rubric looks like this:
























Word Choice












Sentence Structure