Russ Fanselow

Photo of Russell Fanselow

Why does Mr. Fanselow teach?

I teach because every year I get to take a new group of students on an “Edventure.” We get to build and learn together and all work together to become lifetime learners.


Bachelor of Science/Applied Human Sciences Emphasis in Industrial Sciences and Technology
Colorado State University 1995
Master of Education/Technology in Education
2000 Lesley College

Teaching Assignments

7th Grade Technology Explorations/Computer Applications
8th Grade Technology Fundamentals/Computer Applications
9th-12 Construction Systems
9th-12th Cabinetry
9th-12th Manufacturing Systems
9th TE 1905 Fundamentals of Technology
10th TE 2000 Technological Design
10th Computer Applications

Student Projects
Throughout the years, there have been various incredible projects that students have done in the shop department.