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Fundamentals of Technology

Course Description

Fundamentals of Technology (TE 1905) is a prerequisite course for most of the
Technology Education systems. Communication skills and tools are the major
focus of this course. These same skills are central to all subsequent
technology courses. The computer and other electronic devices are necessary
for teaching an understanding of contemporary communications,
manufacturing, power/energy/ transportation and construction systems. An
engineering focus of problem solving requires students to define a given
problem, conduct appropriate research, develop solutions to the problem,
construct prototypes, and evaluate their work.

This course is designed to introduce students to those principles and skills
used in subsequent technology courses. Students learn to sketch solutions to
problems, create technical drawings and presentations, build models, and
apply creative problem solving methods. Emphasis is placed on accessing
and communicating information, using simple and complex tools in a safe
manner, and increasing the students' awareness of the historical and
contemporary implications of technology. Students are introduced to
computer-aided graphics, design software, and computer-aided manufacturing.
Students develop an understanding of the tools, techniques, and processes of
technology using design principles, computers, problem solving and model