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Academic Honesty

Cascade’s Academic Honesty Policy can be found on the Cascade School District Website

Unfortunately, some students feel the need to plagiarize or cheat. Plagiarism or cheating consists of the following:
• Copying information out of books or off the Internet without properly citing the source.
• Copying another student’s homework when it was assigned as an independent assignment.
• Collaborating with another student on class work or homework that is assigned as independent work.
• Copying or looking at another student’s exam.
• Looking at notes during test taking; having notes out during test taking.

Penalty for Academic Dishonesty

All students caught being academically dishonest will receive a referral and no credit for the assignment. Most of the work done in this class is independent. Group projects will be clearly announced, so students should not assume they can collaborate with other students unless they hear it directly from me. Students should copy from other student during tests. Several times throughout the semester, there will be different versions of tests and quizzes. Students who copy from another student’s test run a high risk of being caught cheating.

Please review Cascade School District's Academic Honesty Policy.