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Behavioral Expectations

I expect all students to come to class ready to learn. The following are the behaviors I believe will help students be successful in class and in life:
• Be Polite and Respectful – courteous and thoughtful behavior is required.
• Be Prepared - arrive prepared to learn and accomplish the day’s work.
• Do Your Best – put forth your best effort in everything you do.
• Pay Attention – listen closely to instruction.
• Follow Directions – complete each task as instructed.
• Be Involved – become an active not a passive learner.
• Have a Positive Attitude – your attitude affects everything you do.
• Believe in Yourself – valuing yourself highly is the key to success.

Classroom Rules

• Water is encouraged in class. Other drinks must have secure lids.
• Food is allowed only if it does not distract from the learning process.
• Mobile devices (cell phones and tablets) must be put away and out of sight. You must receive permission to turn on and use your mobile devices.
• Sit in your assigned seat at the beginning of class. At the end of class, remain in you seat until dismissed.
• You must have my permission to leave class. Any student who leaves class without permission will be marked truant and will not receive attendance credit for that day.
• Use only black or blue ink for all written work that is turned in.
• Keep your area clean. Throw away your trash upon exiting the room. Do not write on your desk
• Respect everyone’s personal property. Don’t touch what is not yours.

Behavioral Infractions

• Students will receive referrals for defiance, rude or inappropriate behavior, and academic dishonesty.