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Work Policy

Students are expected to turn in all assigned work, and homework is due at the beginning of the period. If work is not turned in on the due date, students must submit a hand-written note which tells me when the work will be submitted. If I do not receive a student note, I will record the assignment as a zero, and I or Mr. Sartori will call or email home. In order for me to accept the work, the student must discuss the missing work with me immediately.

Make Up Policy

If students are absent, they are expected to turn in their work when they return. If they are out for an extended period of time, please request classwork and homework from the office, and I will send it to you so they can keep current with their work. If students miss a test, they will be expected to take the test the day of return if possible.
Tardy Policy

Students must be on time for class. Students must be seated in their seats, ready to work when the bell rings. If they are late because they have been with another teacher or staff member, they must get a pass from that staff member then come immediately to class with the pass.

Grading Policy

I use the standard grading policy of
A+ = 100% Exceptional
A = 99% – 90% Outstanding
B = 89% – 80% Above average
C = 79% – 70% Average
D = 69% – 60% Below average
F = 59% – 0% Failure to meet course objectives

Grade Categories

All assignments will be weighted in the appropriate categories:
Reading 30%
Writing 30%
Language 25%
Speaking 15%
Note: excessive absences and/or tardies will affect participation grade.

Grade Notification

Students and parents can monitor grades by logging onto https://cascade.powerschool.com/public/home.html. You can receive your login information from administration or on Open House Night.
Student Information
On every test, assignment, and essay students will be required to provide the following information:
• Student name
• Date of assignment
• Period
Failure to provide information will result in loss of one point for each piece of missing information.

Extra Credit

I grade students according to their ability to meet the Idaho Standards. Because of this, there is no extra credit.