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Printer Info

To check the status of a printer, please click on the link in the table below (scroll down). The printers cannot be accessed from outside the district network.

Elementary Classrooms

Link Name
Elem Title I ElemTitleIPrinter
Kindergarten KindergartenPrinter
Sievers SieversPrinter
Weirum WeirumPrinter

High School Classrooms

Link Name
Burleson BurlesonPrinter
Fanselow FanselowPrinter
Gordon GordonPrinter
Hamilton HamiltonPrinter
Kennedy (K2) K2Printer
Mapp MappPrinter
Meyer* MeyerPrinter
Nesbitt NesbittPrinter
Sutherland SutherlandPrinter

Other Locations

Link Name
Blaser BlaserPrinter
Davenport DavenportPrinter
Elementary Workroom** ElemCopier
Elem Library Printer ElemLibPrinter
High School Office HSOfficeBrother
High School Office Copier HSOfficeCopier
Middle Office Copier** MiddleCopier
Virtual Classroom VTCPrinter

* Denotes Color Printer
** If a job is sent while copies are being made, the job is interrupted. When you go to the copier to pick up your papers, the interrupt light will be on. Press the button and your printing resumes. Special features like duplex printing, stapling and hole punching are available through the "properties" button in the print dialog box on your workstation.

To add a printer...

  • Google Cloud Printing Service
  • Windows 10: Go to start menu | settings | devices | Printers & scanners | Add a printer or scanner | The printer that I want isn't listed | Select a shared printer by name: \\printers\NameOfPrinterInTableBelow 
  • Mac: Apple | Printers & Faxes | + | Protocol: LPD | Address: NameOfPrinterInTableBelow.cascade.local

To Print Securely to a Copier...

Use the "Print Retention" Feature to delay printing until you are at the copier.
Sending the print job from a computer (video instructions):  
  1. Give the print command as normal.
  2. From the print dialog box, select "Properties"
  3. Select the "Job Handling" tab.
  4. Check the "Retention" box. 
  5. If you would like to add security so that only you can print the document, also check the "Password" box and enter a minimum 5-character password.
  6. Click "OK" and then Print as normal.
Retrieving the print job from a copier (video instructions):
  1. From the copier home screen, press the right arrow on the right side of the screen.
  2. Select "HDD File Retrieve"
  3. Click "Main Folder"
  4. Check the box next to the print job. If a password was set, you will be prompted to enter it. Pull out the keyboard underneath the keyboard to enter.
  5. Use "Choose Print Settings" if you need to use the bypass, set the paper type, etc. 
  6. Check "Print and Delete the Data", if you do not need the job retained in the copier after printing.
  7. Click "Print Now"