Fall Reopening Plan



Fall Reopening- Cascade School District #422 Pandemic Operation Plan

June 19, 2020


In order to move from soft closure operations to normal operations for staff and students, the Cascade School District has considered the following relevant local factors in developing re-entry plan. In addition to considering relevant local factors Cascade School District has put in place a plan that meets minimum re-entry criteria established by the Idaho State Board of Education.


Current re-entry criteria are in place:


  1. The Cascade School District is located within Valley County, Idaho. Valley County has a total number of two (3) confirmed cases, with the last reported active case in June, 2020 with a case rate of 27.2%. Currently, Cascade School District and its designated outlier boundaries fall within the “No Community Transmission” section of the School Guidance Plan. We have not had any confirmed cases for well over 80 days.


  2. Cascade Schools has specific plans and strategies in place in accordance to the “Preparedness Phase” listed in the Central District Health School Guidance publication.


  3. Cascade School District is seeking approval by Central District Health a letter of endorsement to move forward with our plan to re-open school on August 26, 2020.


  4. The Cascade School District has committed to re-opening school protocols as follows:
    • Cleaning and disinfection protocols – All school facility rooms prior to the opening of the school year. Also, before and after the use of any room, equipment, doors, furniture, horizontal surface, floor, etc.
    • Sanitization strategies include re-training protocols for all instructional and support staff before, during, and after use of any room.
    • Identify and plan for vulnerable staff and students with a special emphasis on people over age 60, those with diabetes and respiratory conditions, and those who fall under the definition of medically vulnerable. All individuals entering the school will be required to enter through one of two entry points.
    • All staff will be required to check in daily and self-report any symptoms consistent with cold or flu. Determination to release staff with positive symptoms will be made on individual basis by the administration with assistance from a Registered Nurse/CDC guidelines.
    • All students will be required to check in daily through the attendance protocols with their teacher at the beginning of each period. Students will be asked to self-asses for symptoms consistent with cold or flu. Determination to send students home who report positive symptoms will be done in the nurse office on an individual basis by a trained staff member with assistance from Cascade Tele-Registered Nurse/CDC guidelines. (Any person exhibiting mild symptoms must wear a mask until leaving campus.)
    • Identify and plan for staff duties which require close contact students who have symptoms of cold/flu. PPE and standardized close-contact plans will be followed.
    • Absenteeism plan for our staff – Staff with symptoms of cold/flu will be asked to quarantine at home and access Tele-RN for recommendations for return to school/work.
    • Students whose parents do not feel comfortable returning their student to school after showing symptoms of the coronavirus will be allowed to check-in for instructional attendance and work remotely, accessing their classroom teacher(s) via google classroom. Attendance for this situation will be coded Excused-Q for quarantined.
    • Communications plan for informing parents and staff of the school district response plans, protocols, and policies to manage the impact of the coronavirus. (This includes but is not limited to Power Schools, Messenger, Text, Phone, Website, Facebook, local media sources and Email)
    • School district point of contact will be the available administration - superintendent/principal. The administrator in charge will provide effective communication and collaboration with the local public health officials and will utilize clinical services (including Tele-RN’s) to provide health information. This resource may join in remote conference call to speak with staff, students, and parents.
    • Reopening plans will be reviewed accordingly and in consultation with Cascade School Nurse and our local public health officials. (Central District Health will make available support webinar and/or in person overview with schools regarding their re-opening plans to help support each re-open and answer questions unique to the event at that time)


  5. Student Health Insurance (See Policy 3500)

    Insurance forms will be sent home with the students at the beginning of the school year and at the end of the school term (for summer). If the parent desires to take the insurance, the form must be returned to the school with the fee enclosed within the specified date. Parents will be notified of the specific or approximate dates during the school year when any non-emergency, invasive physical examination or screening administered by the District is conducted which is:

    • Required as a condition of attendance.
    • Administered by the school and scheduled by the school in advance.
    • Not necessary to protect the immediate health and safety of the student or other students.

    Parents or eligible students will be given the opportunity to opt out of the above-described non-emergency, invasive physical examination or screening.


  6. Students observed during the school day who exhibit signs and symptoms consistent with a contagious or infectious disease, or complain of illness at school may be referred to the school nurse or other responsible person designated by the Board and may be sent home as soon as the parent or person designated on the student’s emergency medical authorization form has been notified. (See Policy 3520)


  7. The District reserves the right to require a statement from the student’s primary care provider authorizing the student’s return to school.In all proceedings related to this policy, the District shall respect the student’s right to privacy.


  8. The Cascade School District has a plan in place to identify, isolate and mitigate risk of virus spread. It is prepared for immediate closure should multiple students, faculty or staff members show symptoms of cold/flu or any individual who has been physically present at school be diagnosed with COVID-19 or similar infectious disease. (See the following assurances and commitments)



Cascade Schools commits to the following assurances and Operational Plan:

Category 1 – No Community Spread

Category 2 – Minimal to Moderate Community Spread (considered “normal”)

Category 3 – Substantial Community Transmission


PPE Strategies

  • Category 1 – Optional Masks/Face Shield protection
  • Category 2 & 3 – Masks/Face Shield recommended for students and staff (wear face protection when physical distancing is not possible.
  • Any person exhibiting mild symptoms must wear a mask until leaving campus
  • Establish and maintain hand hygiene stations at key locations in the building
  • Students and staff use hand washing and sanitation station frequently as located around the building
  • Use of sneeze guards in appropriate locations
  • If a student/staff/visitor becomes sick - All student/staff/visitor will be required to check in daily and self-report any symptoms consistent with cold or flu. Determination to remove an individual with positive symptoms will be made on individual basis by the administration with assistance from a Registered Nurse/CDC guidelines

    (See I.C. 33-512(7) & (11)

  • The Health/Nurse Room will be identified as an isolation/screening room for Cascade Schools.


  • Staff and Students will receive training in the area of physical distancing (PD), handwashing, respiratory etiquette and mask use to mitigate exposure to droplet borne and air board particles.
  • Before use, every desk, keyboard, and screen (flat horizontal/vertical surface) will be sanitized (Students will participate in this activity in their classrooms)
  • Desks will be arranged to account for physical distancing (PD)
  • Outside food will not be allowed in the classroom
  • Personal water bottles may be filled at designated filling stations only


Non-Instructional Areas (Offices, Cafeteria)

  • Maintain 6 ft. distance when possible (observe floor markings)
  • Sneeze guards placed at food service counter
  • Surface areas will be sanitized after each class period or use
  • Hand sanitizer and/or a sink with hot water and soap will available in workstation rooms
  • Employee Break Room – Custodians routinely sanitize surface areas
  • Cafeteria –
    • Breakfast/Lunch served in the cafeteria
    • Students eat in cafeteria; stagger elementary-secondary
    • Use Auxiliary Gym and Main Gym and hall way areas during lunch hours to help with PD
    • Secondary Students have the option to eat outside
    • Contactless point of sales (POS)
    • No Visitors
  • Lockers – Assigned only to accommodate special circumstances
  • Restrooms – Staff use separate restrooms than students



  • Post Stop the Spread signs at entry points
  • No irregular/unscheduled visitors. Prefer by appointments over surprise drop in – have visitors call the office upon arrival from their car vs. walking in unannounced
  • For after school bus staging, have students practice PD in lines. Teach safe and healthy parent pick-up & drop-off procedures



  • Discourage gathering for areas such as bus lane, restrooms, break, lockers, hallways, lunch, before and after school
  • Field trip, assemblies, and other large gatherings must have a Social Distancing (SD) plan approved a minimum of 2-weeks prior to the event along with the request paperwork.


Transportation – (Yellow Bus)

  • Discourage gathering for areas such as bus lane, restrooms, break, lockers, hallways, lunch, before and after school
  • Bus seats are cleaned by the assigned driver before and after each route using electrostatic sterilizing mist.
  • Upon entering the bus students will be offered hand sanitizer.
  • One window on each side of the isles, two in the front, two in the middle and two in the back of the bus will be open at least 4-inches in order to ventilate the bus during use.
  • Students will be asked by the bus driver if they have any symptoms of a cold or flu. Students with signs or symptoms will not be allowed to ride on the school bus.
  • Seating no more than 1 student per bench seat to ensure social distancing recommendations are met.


Driver’s Education – Canceled (potential course offering in Spring of 2021)

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