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4-Day FAQ

What day would school start?

        Students would come back to school on August 22.

What would be the last day of school?

        The last day of school would be June 8.

What would the holiday breaks look like?

        We would have 10 days off for Thanksgiving (November 18-27),
        13 days for Christmas (December 21-January 2), and
        10 days for Spring Break (March 17-26).

What would the daily hours be?

        Students would be in class from 8:00-3:45 each day.

Will there still be an early release on Tuesday?


Won’t kids be tired with a longer day?

        The day will be extended by 27 minutes. We reached out to our surrounding districts that have implemented a 4 day calendar to see what was difficult for them. One response was the concern for longer days for the littles. They did find that the kids adapted better than anticipated to the extended day. We would only extend ours by 27 minutes and could add an additional afternoon recess snack time for grades K-5.

Will teachers be available before and after school still?

        Staff will still be available to meet with parents and students 30 minutes prior to school, as well as 30 minutes after.

What will teachers do on Friday when students aren’t at school?

        Teachers will no longer have Professional Development on Tuesday, but will work one Friday each month instead. These days will be used for collaboration, planning instruction, Assessments, Data Analysis, Professional Development training, and more.

Will teachers work less?

        Teacher hours will increase with a 4 Day Calendar. This will allow for more collaboration, planning and preparation, as well as Professional Development.

Will students still get all of the same academics?

        We will not be removing any of our core standards currently taught. We hold ourselves to a high standard and have seen much improvement in our assessments over the past 3 years. We will continue to teach with the same rigor and curriculums.

Won’t my kids learn less with 1 less day each week?

        The instructional time a school must operate under is mandated by Idaho Code. The 4 year calendar exceeds those requirements and is slightly more than what we currently have.

What will I do with my kids on Friday?

        Childcare at the churches and private caregivers would still be able to operate on Friday. Programs through CAP, the Recreation and Aquatic Center, Community Churches, Athletic competition/practices, and Jr./Sr. high clubs could operate Fridays. This would benefit those families that would want enrichment, socialization or care for their children on that day.

Won’t this make it hard for my high school student to get a job?

        Since the day would only be extended by 27 minutes to a 3:45 dismissal, older students could still get jobs after school Monday-Thursday and would be able to work all day Friday if they choose to.

What day of the week would be taken off?

        Friday (the first survey indicated that Friday was the more favorable day to take off)

How does this benefit Students?

        Improved attendance, recuperation on the day off for older kids, more time for family, athletics events scheduled on Friday reduce the out of class time, time for homework, and time for employment.

How does this benefit Teachers and Cascade School District?

        Quality teacher retention and recruitment, improved attendance of students and staff, quality planning and staff training time, recuperation and rejuvenation for teaching staff, more family time with their own families, and minor cost savings