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Information Timeline


March 2022
The Cascade Education Associations began negotiations with the Cascade School District  representing professional employees in the District. One of their negotiating points was to ask the Cascade School District to survey its families and various stakeholders to see how they would feel about a 4-day School Week.

April 1 - April 11
Cascade Schools conducted a survey of its students, families, staff and community stakeholders. The methodology and results of the survey are available in the Survey Report

April 11 - April 13
An analysis of the survey results was completed by the District Office. It revealed that in the initial results, 56% of our families had responded to the survey and over 80% of them favored a 4-day week. Over 90% of the staff replied and 97% were in favor of a 4-day week.

April 13
The Cascade Education Association presented the preliminary results of the survey to the Board of Trustees at the Regular Board Meeting.

April 13 - May 3
The Cascade School District continued to reach out to its families by email, phone and text seeking feedback from those we knew who had not yet responded. We were able to receive replies from over half of the families who'd previously not replied. The response from families in favor of a 4-day school week has stayed around 80%.

May 4
The Board of Trustees hosted an open forum night and took public comment from students, parents, staff, and community members. 73% who voiced a definitive opinion in that meeting were in favor of a 4-day school week. 27% were against.

May 6
This webpage portal was compiled with all the information we've compiled to this point. It includes a Frequently Asked Question section, a Survey Report, a proposed 2022-2023 4-Day School Year and a proposed bell schedule.

May 9
A link to this information portal was sent out with a finalized yes/no survey.