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Charger Tips and Policy

Chargers assigned to Student Chromebooks tips and Policy.

  • Create a permanent charging station at home with the school assigned charger.  A fully charged chromebook will last for the entire school day, eliminating the step of bringing the charger to school, loss or misplace of it.


  • Chromebooks should be charged using the school distributed charger only. Using another charger such as a phone charger may damage the device and void the warranty and or device insurance.


  • Turn off the device before charging


  • All students are expected to come to school every day with a fully charged chromebook.


  • No personal labels, stickers will be allowed to be placed on a assigned chromebook or charger. Doing so, will be considered a bad conduct behavior and lock of the user’s account.

Students who forget to bring their charger or chromebook may come to the I.T Room in the morning –after the applicable loaner fees have been paid in the High School office - and sign out for a loaner for the day with Mr. Carrion.  (See Fees for using loaner chromebooks policy)

Chromebooks with charging problems will not be worked on unless both the Chromebook and charger are turned in for repairs.

Parents, please remind your students to charge their devices at home, and keep them away from food, drink, animals and siblings.

Also remind your student that the charger or the chromebook are not to be shared or loaned out to other students.

The chromebook should not be placed in a backpack full of books as the pressure inside can cause the screen to shatter.

Please treat you assigned technology items with respect and care as they are school property and not personal. 

Angel Carrion – Director of Technology    8.10.22