Cascade is a Community School:

A community school strategy for a rural Idaho school involves integrating academic, health, and social services to support students and their families, fostering a collaborative environment that enhances learning and well-being. Key components include:

  1. **Partnerships**: Collaboration with local organizations, businesses, and government agencies to provide resources and support services.

  2. **Student and Family Support**: Offering access to healthcare, counseling, and social services directly at the school to address barriers to learning.

  3. **Extended Learning Opportunities**: Providing after-school programs, summer learning, and enrichment activities to support student engagement and achievement.

  4. **Family and Community Engagement**: Encouraging active participation from families and community members in school activities, decision-making, and governance.

  5. **Integrated Services**: Coordinating services such as health screenings, dental care, and mental health support to create a comprehensive support system for students.

  6. **Focus on Equity**: Addressing the unique challenges faced by rural students, such as limited access to resources and opportunities, to ensure all students can succeed.

This strategy aims to create a supportive and enriching environment that addresses the holistic needs of students, ultimately improving academic outcomes and community well-being.

The Cascade School District hosts the following programs and partnerships as part of the Cascade Community School Strategy:

  • High quality, Free after school programming for K-6 grades

  • After school hours and weekend teen center

  • Free PreSchool for 3-4 year old children

  • Healthy Minds Partnership

The Cascade School District partners with the following programs and groups as part of the Cascade Community School Strategy:

  • Cascade Medical Center

  • Cascade Food Pantry

  • Cascade Cultural Arts Center

  • Cascade Public Library

  • Cascade Aquatic & Recreation

  • and more!

We are on a mission to serve every student every day!